15. – 17. December: MASTER CLASS – piano for 4 hands. For preparation for competitions and for the joy of playing together

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The fact that the piano is not only played as a solo instrument can be experienced on numerous occasions and thus one can hear it often in the interplay with other instruments, from the chamber music to the orchestra. However, many composers, e.g. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms, and Claude Debussy were working on works designed specifically for a piano duo (or trio, sometimes even a quartet!). The musical possibilities of expression of one or more pianos have their own charms in their brilliant sound spectrum – but also their very own ruses. It is not easy to share the keyboard with a partner and to agree with each other in such a way that the piece is not just played, but presented with empathy and the highest musical quality. This is, of course, first and foremost very nice for the audience, but also the players themselves have more joy in their play, if they manage to express their individual qualities coordinated perfectly together.

This master class is aimed primarily at those who are interested in participating in competitions such as “Jugend musiziert” as a piano duo. Accordingly, some experience with playing the piano (relative to the age group) is required to participate succesfully, preferably if the players are also already a little experienced in the four-handed play. But all – and not just young players – who are interested in playing this instrument not only solo, but who also like to play together with a partner, are welcome to participate in this master class. It is also possible to participate only as a passive participant. It is worth it and in any case it is an enrichment for you!

The course takes place from Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th of December 2017 and offers 1 hour of intensive lesson time with the two instructors on Saturday and Sunday for all active participants. The participants, who are not active at the moment, can, of course, attend the lessons of the others, and thus surely gather important inspirations. Prior to this, Franziska Staubach and Lisa Richter will hold a concert on Friday evening for which all active participants are invited free of charge.

During the lesson days, small snacks and beverages will also be provided, which is of course free of charge as well for the active participants. On Sundays, a public farewell concert of all active participants takes place, so that they are directly given the opportunity to present their progress in front of an audience.

15. – 17. Dezember 2017
Musikstudio und Galerie: Gabriele Paqué
Blücherstraße 14
53115 Bonn

Deadline  for the registration is the 15th of November 2017

If you like to join the master class either as active or passive participant, please fill out the registration form below or call me: 0228 41076755


A maximum number of 8 duos may participate at this master class. The minimum of participating duos is 6 for this class.

Active participation: 300,-€ per Duo (150,-€ per participant)
Passive participation: 20,-€ / day (The entry to the concerts must be paid extra.)

Course schedule

7:00 pm: Opening concert from the Duo “Con Spirito”
Entry: 18,-€, 10,-€ red. (entry is inclusive for active participants)

from 09:30 am: 1 lesson unit per participating duo

from 9:00 am: 1 lesson unit per participating duo
8:00 pm: Farewell concert of the active participants for the public
Entry: 10,-€, 5,-€ red.

One lesson unit lasts 60 minutes. Beverages and a little snack are included in the course fee for active participants.

Registration form

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Name of the student's duo partner (leave this field blank if you are a passive participant)

If you are an active participant, please write down your age and the music you will be playing. You can also add any questions you might have.

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Das Duo “Con Spirito”

Portrait Lisa Richter und Franziska Staubach 2

Franziska Staubach and Lisa Richter began playing the piano at a very early age and were soon successful contestants in various competitions (Jugend musiziert, National Bach Competition, Tonkünstlerverband). Both studied with Prof. Gesa Lücker at the HfmT (Cologne University of Music and Dance), where they got to know each other and founded the piano duo Con Spirito in October 2013. The duo received further important stimuli by Anthony Spiri, Joseph Paratore and Hans-Peter Stenzl among others. In addition to a lively concert activity throughout Germany, they were also internationally active as scholarship holders of the summer academy in Salzburg (Austria) and the music competition Val Tidone (Italy). In addition to their chamber music and solo career, the pianists also engage in music education. For example, they are both active in various music schools and are employed as assistants to Prof. Gesa Lücker, respectively Prof. Anton Scherrer at the HfMT in Cologne.


“Fresh access from heart, hand and brain. The piano duo “Con Spirito” plays in the studio dumont in great harmony. “

“Staubach / Richter harmonize excellently in the interplay, which became evident in the fulfillment of the dialogical principle, especially in Mozart’s C major sonata.”

“[…] both artists, beyond their chamber music talent, also have the talent to excel in a virtuoso career […]”

by Gerhard Bauer, KStA

The gallery is open on saturdays between 14 and 18 pm.
After telephonic agreement the gallery can also be visited at other times.
Blücherstr. 14, 53115 Bonn
Phone: 0228-41076755


Wenn Ihnen diese Veranstaltung gefällt, teilen Sie sie mit Ihren Freunden:
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