Piano lessons for adults

Method for Beginners:

„Playing the piano – This has always been my dream!“

Adults who want to start to play the piano are the exception because it was assumed: “What you didn’t learn during childhood you will never learn in your adulthood.” During the recent years, more and more piano methods for adults have spread in the market. Students as well as teachers find ever growing interests to deal with this theme. Each person is different; each one has his or her own qualities and weaknesses which they carry around with them.

The piano method which was created by me is not available for purchase, as I adjust myself to each student individually. Especially in the beginning it is most important how you are introduced to playing the piano. In this teaching there won’t be just any method imposed on you; it will be specifically tailored to your own individual needs.

methodik_v02I create individually your own method from your resources that you are bringing along with you.

Overcoming your own boundaries and rediscovering your own feelings – those will be experiences that you will find with this method.

Through playing music you will open up new horizons of your inner self. Developing your emotional world through music is one of the greatest experiences that a human can have.

Experienced Players:

„As a child, I had piano lessons for a few years but I aborted them much too early because I had no desire to practice. Now I would gladly like to start again, but as an adult this surely isn’t possible anymore!”

Finding the right entry requires a lot of sensitivity for your wishes, knowledge of possible literature and the gift to accompany and to guide you on your journey with the goal to bring joy and pleasure into your “new life” as well as facing challenges. The teaching is solely attuned on your individual wishes, your skills and your needs.

Concomitant to the piano lessons I continually offer knowledge of the various music genres and praxis-oriented harmony teaching. The diversity of music literature extends from baroque to modern. A further main emphasis of my teaching lies on playing the piano à quatre mains – with four hands.

My longtime educational experience with teaching and your enthusiasm and interest for the piano and music will show you just after a few weeks that it was the right decision to start this new adventure.

Videos of my students:

Ursula and Barbara (returners with age 65 and 67) play a Sonatine by Diabelli

Ursula (returner with age 65) plays pieces by Chopin and Mendelssohn

Anne (returner with age 67) plays Erster Verlust by Robert Schumann

Barbara (returner with age 67) plays the Gymnopedie No. 3 by Erik Satie

Mensur (beginner since 1,5 years) plays pieces by Simoni, Mier and Terzibaschitsch

Waltraud (beginner with age 68) plays pieces by Hermann Berens and Guiseppe Galuzzi

Tatjana (beginner since 2 years) plays pieces by Martha Mier and Gerard Hengeveld

Prices per month:

please contact me:

0228 41076755

I don’t offer lessons every two weeks, as the periods between lessons are often too long to lead to the desired learning success.

No piano?

I gladly assist you in finding the right piano, either to buy or for rent! Please contact me!

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