Creative piano playing at any age!

Overcoming boundaries of your inner self

Playing the piano means being dynamic. Each day, week after week, year after year. This time is yours, yours alone!

Having the dream to play the piano as an adult is one thing – it is something completely different to actually turn that wish into reality. A few years ago everybody would have laughed at the idea to really act on that wish. Today however, people will listen attentively to this idea and envy the person for their drive to successfully accomplish their goal.

Minor or bigger problems will often lead you to seemingly insurmountable limits in yourself. Overcoming such limits will bring you the self-awareness to discover new sides of yourself and to walk new, previously unimagined paths.

Playing the piano as an adult opens up new development possibilities in you but also with other people at the same time. Your everyday life receives new dimensions because of the various senses which are influenced by playing music, like seeing, hearing and feeling.

Your achievements will encourage you to always aim for new tasks and to demand always a little more of yourself. The piano lessons are focused on the joy of playing and let you articulate your inner feelings into the music.

Addressing the mind and the heart at the same time as the knowledge that you are spending your time with in a meaningful way will change your everyday life into a positive one.


If you are interested in adult-friendly teaching, please click here.

Since mid-2016 it has become possible for children and teenagers as well to receive piano lessons at the highest level in German, English and Mandarin. In addition to a broad spectrum of workshops, concerts and other activities the students will also get the opportunity to prepare for the entrance examinations of conservatories or the Precollege-Program (for students from 12 years) of the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne.

Click here for the lessons for children and teenagers.

No piano?

I gladly assist you in finding the right piano, either to buy or for rent! Please contact me!

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