Videos about playing the piano

The Musicstudio celebrates it's 10th anniversary

Playing the piano for adults – Musikstudio und Galerie: Gabriele Paqué (in german)

Playing music prevents from dementia (a contribution of the WDR for the show "Aktuelle Stunde", in German)

NIHAO Deutschland reports on a student of the "Music Studio and Gallery" (in German)

Video of the Music Studio's charity event for children in South-Africa

Videos of my students

Ursula and Barbara (returners with age 65 and 67) play a Sonatine by Diabelli

Ursula (returner with age 65) plays pieces by Chopin and Mendelssohn

Anne (returner with age 67) plays Erster Verlust by Robert Schumann

Barbara (returner with age 67) plays the Gymnopedie No. 3 by Erik Satie

Mensur (beginner since 1,5 years) plays pieces by Simoni, Mier and Terzibaschitsch

Waltraud (beginner with age 68) plays pieces by Hermann Berens and Guiseppe Galuzzi

Tatjana (beginner since 2 years) plays pieces by Martha Mier and Gerard Hengeveld

Gallery open on Saturdays from
2 – 6 PM.

Musikstudio und Galerie:
Gabriele Paqué

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53115 Bonn

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