Regarding the monthly payment:

You pay 3 lessons per month, so that holidays can be considered. Example: In 2 months (= 6 lessons), there is one month with two weeks of holidays. So you will have 4 lessons in the first month without, while in the second month there will only be 2 lessons.
Of course, other contract models are also possible, such as one lesson every two weeks (instead of 36 lessons per year, you only get 18, so you only pay half). However, I have to point out that such agreements can hinder the learning effect of piano playing.

Piano lessons for kids and teenagers

Prices per year:
(36 lessons)

30 minutes: 1112,40 € / year
92,70 € / month

45 minutes: 1483,20 € / year
123,60 € / month

60 minutes: 1854,- € / year
154,50 € / month

Piano lessons for adults

Prices per month:

please contact me: info@paque-klavier.de

0228 41076755

No piano?

I gladly assist you in finding the right piano, either to buy or for rent! Please contact me!

Gallery open on Saturdays from
2 – 6 PM.

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