本校師資陣容堅強,技藝精湛並藝術性深厚。本校供給學生良好的音樂專業學習環境幫助學生良好的未來發展,預備學生參加音樂專科入學考試和預備學生參加國內外鋼琴比賽。 本校方針不只培養學生一般的音樂理念,本校也注重培養興趣。藉由音樂來描繪出生活使情感更能流露出。

Gabriele Paqué


Gabriele Paque 專注於鋼琴成人教學,於阿姆斯特丹得到大鍵琴和風琴的音樂文憑。之後開始國際演奏生涯。 Paque 富有40多年的教學經驗,Paque老師定期教授鋼琴成人教師班多獲好評。經驗豐富的Paque完成了許多成人彈琴的目標和夢想。 詳細Paque介紹請按此鍵here.

Johannes Paqué

Johannes Paqué assists in the Musikstudio in various functions, such as graphic- and web design, video editing, holding speeches at exhibition openings and other events as well as in administrative activities. He is an integral part in keeping the Musikstudio up and running.
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Michelle Yen-Howland

Michelle Yen-Howland 來自台灣旅居加拿大。Michelle持有教師和演奏文憑,在加拿大維多利亞音樂學院教授鋼琴有20年之久。Michelle 老師擅長兒童鋼琴教育與預備學生音樂專科入學考試及參加比賽和音樂節等項目。 詳細Michelle Yen-Howland 介紹請按此鍵here.

Yizhuo Meng

Yizhuo Meng comes from China and has been living in Germany for many years now, finishing her master’s degree at the University of Music and Dance in Cologne. In the past, she has often worked as a substitute for Knut Hanßen, who unfortunately had to leave the Musicstudio due to a scholarship in America. In addition, she has been able to gain several years of teaching experience at various music schools.
Ms. Meng teaches children, adolescents and young adults in the music studio always on Thursdays at 2 pm in German and English.
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