Photos from our students’ excursion to piano master builder Christian Schoke


Dear friends of the piano,

This time I would like to tell you about a very special trip we did with our students, together with their parents – or their children – on Sunday, the 19th of February 2017! Together, we met the piano master builder Christian Schoke in his workshop in Cologne, who had invited us to discover the secrets and the many facets of piano building.

Christian Schoke is already celebrating his 20th anniversary with his workshop very soon and he is a well-established and highly respected master of his field. His activities include the sale and rental of modern, high-quality instruments from manufactories like Sauter, Steingräber & Söhne and Bösendorfer among others, which have the highest reputation all over the world. He also restores and repairs instruments, e.g. a hundred-year-old Blüthner grand piano, which, like all the other instruments, was available to the visitors to try out.Schoke-Tour-2017-3 Christian Schoke is also very active outside of his workshop by maintaining the instruments in large concert halls, like the WDR among others. He accompanies the CD recordings of highly reknown musicians and ensures that a perfect instrument is always available for them at all time. And, of course, he also takes care of the instruments at your home in terms of tuning and minor repairs, right up to large-scale repairs of your instrument at his workshop.

Mr Schoke explained comprehensibly and with a lot of charm the meaning of all this by using instruments which he had specially prepared for this tour as examples. Thus, large and small audiences were able to learn directly from the instruments, like: what makes the soundboard of the piano so special, what does it mean to intonate an instrument and of how many parts alone does the keyboard of a piano consist – over 7000 pieces! It is therefore not surprising why a repair can take up several months of work.

The tour finally reached its climax, when Franziska Staubach, who also works as a teacher in the Musicstudio, gave a final concert on a Bösendorfer grand piano, which raised the attention of even the smallest guests who listened intently to her virtuose play.


Should you be interested in purchasing or borrowing an instrument, or because you think your instrument might need some care and attention, you are at the right place in Mr. Schoke’s workshop. Please write me an email (info(at) or call me at 0228 41076755 to arrange an appointment with me. I would be pleased to assist you with the selection of an instrument!

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