09.09.2018 – Open Day for kids at the Music Studio

Dear friends of music,

On Sunday, 9th of September, many kids and their parents visited the Music Studio on it’s Open Day!
Here they could learn about various instruments by listening to some students and the teachers playing but also by trying them out for themselves.
Michelle Yen-Howland introduced the kids to the piano, whereas Catheryn Kennedy-Leduc showed them her violin together with Ryan Howland and Natalia Kazakova the cello. It was very funny and interesting to see and hear how those instruments sound, how they look and to learn how the sounds are made by the instruments. Also they showed how those instruments can be played together:

All three instruments together, piano and violin, piano and cello and violin and cello are all a very common lineup for those instruments and they sound just beautiful together! Of course there can also be variations with other instruments and this is so special about making music: to have so many possibilities to express yourself.

Of course there were also funny games being played which were accompanied by music so that everyone had a good time and hopefully the ones who don’t play an instrument yet, may be interested in starting to make music as well!